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With safety in mind…. locate this

With safety in mind…. locate this

When you visit a range, whether your local one or visiting a new range, make sure to locate life saving equipment before the first shot.

I recently realized I had not done this and wanted to share so you can “Learn from my mistakes” 🙂

What’s the number 1 rule of real estate? Location! As with visiting a range, Know your location! Street address in case you are calling 9-1-1.

Hopefully, you never need to use a fire extinguisher or the emergency first aid (gun shot wound kit) or AED. Know where these items are before you need to find them. It will be a very stressful and time sensitive, potentially life critical time and knowing where these items are will help when it matters most.

Plan in your head taking charge. “Tell” x person to call 9-1-1, “tell’ another person to get the ER kit – it’s hanging… (state where to find this kit) and if necessary, “tell” a third person to go to the street to 1) flag down EMS and 2) direct EMS to the patient.

We must remember and practice our gun safety rules.

I hope this helps you to enjoy shooting and having a (safe)fun time at the range.

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