Incognito Wear IX is the pioneer in changing how women carry a concealed weapon discreetly.
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About Jan Wolbrecht

Shortly after college, I began my career as an Interior designer for a home builder. Within a few years, I became a military spouse and understood that home was where the military sent you and started my family.


About a decade later, I found myself entwined in an emotional sea going through a divorce, getting back into the job force, and a single mom raising 3 young kids. I moved back home to Georgia and to my family.


It was through family connections, I was blessed to find my current husband. He exposed us to more of the great outdoors—fishing, hunting, and shooting. Little did I know that those first encounters with guns would play a major role in my life story.


My husband encouraged me to learn to shoot and carry for my protection.


But my concealed carry journey stopped when it came to my closet. Unable to find anything to wear (that wasn’t tactical), I became very frustrated. I was very nervous about my firearm showing through my clothing (printing) and being singled out when in public. Empty searches lead me to create clothing to solve my own problems and help others have the confidence to carry on body and be an armed fashionista!


This was the beginning of a clothing line idea, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I came up with a name for my business, Incognito Wear IX®, because, after all, it seemed that most people liked to carry a 9mm pistol.


My animal totem is an owl, symbolic of wisdom. They’re very observant, and well camouflaged (not to mention its silent flight)!

But was this God’s plan for me? I turned to my faith for guidance, direction, and clarity.


Many months later, on a beautiful sunny day in December of 2014, I saw a large big bird flying low, about 30 feet in front of me, where it landed on the trunk of a tree. I pointed to the bird and said to my co-worker,  “look at that hawk”.


Suddenly, I realized it wasn’t a hawk, it was an OWL! – about 3 feet from the ground!  The owl seemed to come out of nowhere, flying at my eye level (I’m not tall) just making sure I’d see it.


I believe God sent this owl (my symbol for Incognito Wear IX®) and he perched on the side of a tree (on its trunk) and stared at me. It was incredibly awesome and exciting!


In broad daylight, this well-camouflaged and silent creature who hunts under the cloak of night revealed itself to me. The Lord answered my prayer. I received it loud and clear.


With renewed courage and spirit, I bring you Incognito Wear IX®, American Made Concealed Carry Clothing, and accessories.


Men have it easier when it comes to concealed carry. Their clothes (fashion) is one reason. They have deeper pockets as well. But, we women, carry too! We want to be cute when we carry.


Be armed, fashionable, and incognito!


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