We innovate fashion for the ultimate camouflage for those living a lifestyle for safety & self-defense.


Never be a victim because of style®

Prepare for Back to school

Send your student off to school with Peace of Mind (P.O.M.)

Made in America

                                     Clothing that fits – you and your lifestyle.

     Conceal and carry so you’ll Never be a victim because of style

Strix Bellyband Holster

American Made with built in trigger guard.

Dressed to impress & to Protect ...so No one knows you're armed

American-Made functional clothing that minimizes gun showing!
Fashion that encourages empowerment & self reliance

Be armed, fashionable and Incognito!

American Made Clothing & Holster

Concealed carry gear and accessories to be completely dressedcool

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Incognito Wear IX – Concealed Carry Clothing and more!

We understand the dressing dilemma of being fashionably self reliant.


That’s why we’ve made the perfect mix of style with  function –  you can be armed and Incognito!


We know because We carry too!

 Our unique, stylish designs were created to provide you with confidence that your firearm or another form of self-defense device will not print (be visible).

Whether you’re walking home alone, out for the day with loved ones, or traveling for work, you can have peace of mind knowing that Incognito Wear IX®  has your back.

Incognito Wear IX® exists to bring fashion innovation for a lifestyle of safety and security. Special access points can be used to draw your weapon or safeguard your valuables from theft.

There are so many reasons to protect yourself (and others) with functional casual clothing specifically designed for the safety conscious (armed) citizen.

Incognito Wear IX® makes it possible for every day people like you and me to hide in plain sight. Never be a victim because of style.

Never be a victim because of style®. Be Armed, Gun Chic and incognito.  Click here for our Reviews

*Review your states’ gun laws regarding concealed carry.

USCCA Affiliate Partner

Providers of self-defense and legal protection to responsibly armed Americans.

USCCA provides its members with up to $2,250,000 in civil and criminal liability protection.


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