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What’s the most important skill when I concealed carry?

What’s the most important skill when I concealed carry?

Given the current status of society (breakdown) and the increase in crime of all sorts, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, the exponential increase in gun ownership as of late. in fact, 44% of  US housholds owns a gun. That means there are a lot of “concealed carriers” out there. We are all on our own personal journey to self reliance, empowerment and protection.

We all have a right to defend ourselves. It’s a God Given right, regardless of what others may try to convince you of.

In this video, some of what many trainers in the industry agree with, are skills to hon in on and to practice.

Learning a new skill and habits take time. Learning a “new way to think” takes practice.

So, what is the most important skill when you carry?

Situational awareness!

As one who carries on a regular basis, it’s my hope and prayer, that I’ll never need to use it.

By utilizing my senses, sight first, keeping my eyes and head scanning the area around me, I can see who’s coming and going. I can avoid any potentially harmful situation.

This is the importance of SITUATIONAL AWARENESS! It gives you a chance to retreat, escape, and avoid being robbed, attacked, or worse…

Secondly, Making a wise decision to leave or flee a situation BEFORE the unthinkable happens, this my dear friends, is your Goal. Decision making is your next best skill to master. When the adrenaline starts flowing, your fine motor skills won’t. This is why thinking through “what if…” scenario helps to keep your mind sharp and to run on “auto-pilot” when your body enters into that heightened state of stress.

Remember, Your best fight is the one you didn’t have. And that is what we all hope for.

Be safe, armed & Incognito!

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