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Shopping Carts are no place for your purse, Here’s why

Shopping Carts are no place for your purse, Here’s why

On a recent weekend errand outing to the grocery store, I saw a number of things that caught my eye and caused me to ponder why we, women, tend to trust the security of our shopping carts with our purses!

This ain’t the same country it once was! Times have changed and evil intentions are rampant…. unfortunately.

Wake Up, wake up. While it seems that we have to adjust to the mindset of no one is trustworthy, there will be those who will surprise you but you must protect yourself for the majority who are looking for an open purse and a wallet looking to escape the confines of the wire shopping cart!

Bottom line…

Ladies, don’t leave your purse unattended. Don’t leave it FOR ONE MINUTE. Don’t turn your back to your purse “just to grab this can of” beans.

Because that’s all the time it takes for one thief to lift your wallet from your purse. I’ve seen this (in videos). Also, if you are one who doesn’t carry a purse but a credit card zipper wallet / wristlet sort of key chain, don’t leave it lying around.

What can you do to change this habit?

  1. Keep your purse closed
  2. Keep your purse or wallet with you at ALL times
  3. Use some sort of a strap to “tie” your bag to the cart to deter and make it harder for someone to steal your purse or access it.

Changing habits is hard, but awareness is the first step!

You are now on your way to being safer, in control and to never be a victim.

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