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The new buzz word in Fashion is…Sustainability. Do you know what it means?

The new buzz word in Fashion is…Sustainability. Do you know what it means?

The new buzz word in Fashion is…Sustainability.

I hear this term used a lot when stores describe their clothing and especially in their marketing. While my background isn’t in textiles,  but it got me wondering what’s all the hype about this word?

Is it just some buzz word that sounds good and may be good for the planet? Or, could it be something more of a “woke” trend that seems to be dominating our culture?

I’m curious, what’s the hype?

As a Christian, the fashion industry can be a challenging space. That is to say, I have a more conservative perspective on morality, and the way one should dress and represent themselves. Somethings, in my opinion, should be left underneath clothing cover.

 I have to ask myself is sustainability a real thing? And what does it really mean?

 To begin, we need to understand the word and it’s meaning. “Sustainability”could have a double meaning in this day and age.

However, keep in mind that in fashion, no rule is absolute. With that said, these are simply guidelines.

“Sustainability as is a real thing and there are some guidelines that can be useful.  The practical explanation is if a fabric is made in a mill and the finishing plant doesn’t pollute or expose the fabric or workers to toxicity, then the fabric/material can be considered sustainable” says Jay Arbetman of The Sourcing District.

A pillar in the industry and someone I highly respect and value.

Initially, my understanding of this term was in reference to the materials, ie fibers, or the fabrics’ durability. Meaning how long will the garment last. In fact, sustainability can mean lasting or prolonged.

However, this meaning doesn’t seem to really fit how it’s being used today. As Jay mentioned, it is being cited as to “clean energy” and the environment within the manufacturing process.

So, this is a phase that can often be put into the gray area – leaving the recipient to guess what’s the true intention meant when the phase was spoken.

Make sure you understand how the seller is using the term “Sustainability”. Does it relate to the quality of the product(s) and or to the amount of pollution?

This is not Fast fashion. Fast fashion is a term used to describe cheap and low quality clothing that are rapidly produced and are cycled in and out the market quickly to meet new trends. One of the most notable Fast Fashion brands is H&M and Forever 21. Keep in mind that these items, regardless of how much you love them, may only last a season or two.

That is, not so sustainable using the quality and durability definition and I would say also a good likelihood that the manufacturing process is based on speed and little concern about waste or pollution.

 … And now, you know too!  This helps you in making wise purchases.

Incognito Wear IX focuses on being Made in America (our clothing and bellyband) and when possible other items too. We use high quality materials for lasting durability and comfort.

I believe in supporting American workers; providing jobs for Americans. We all want a health and clean work space. We are called to be good stewards of our resources. Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of buying sustainable materials and feel good about supporting those who are conscious about their work environment and making quality products.

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