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Slicked Back for Spring Hair Fashion

Slicked Back for Spring Hair Fashion

With warmer weather on the way. As the seasons change, so do hair styles. This spring, grab the gel and slick back your hair! Slicked back buns will put you on point. Messy bun, top bun, side bun, chignon bun…. all the options for any occasion 🙂

You’ll find one of the Hottest trends with Slicked backed buns.

A bun doesn’t have to be a nape of the neck, it can even be on top. For simple instructions for making a bun, you have to start with a good old fashion pony tail. Gather all your hair at the back of your head and secure with elastic band.

“You can either craft a bun or use a donut. Both have their pros and cons — a donut will give you that perfect bun look. Simply wrap your ponytail around the donut, making sure the donut isn’t shown, and tuck any extra hair into the bun with bobby pins.

A makeshift bun, on the other hand, is more of a freestyle. Wrap your ponytail around in clockwise motions and secure it down with extra rubber bands and bobby pins. And, there you have it — get ready to rock this chic look.”

One small vocabulary lesson on buns, cause I didn’t realize this! Buns Can be Chignons BUT Chignons ARE NOT Buns.

                           Buns aren’t located in a fixed spot like chignons.

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