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Don’t you know your caliber size? It matters!

Don’t you know your caliber size? It matters!

It might be tempting to throw all your ammunition in one container, but don’t! You don’t want to mix your ammunition. You should keep different caliber rounds separated and stored in a moisture controlled location.

Every piece of ammunition is stamp and marked it’s caliber size. Yes, Size does matter and it’s very important! For example, it would be quite easy to mistake a .380ACP round and 9MM. While there is a slight difference in the height of these 2 calibers, but their diameter is the same. This is one reason why you should store ammo according to it’s caliber.

You DON”T want to put the wrong caliber ammunition in a gun and luckily, every firearm is also clearly marked with what caliber ammunition to use.

Always check it and make sure you have the right caliber firearm for the ammunition you are using. Otherwise, This will not end pretty – to say the least!

Stay Safe and enjoy the range!

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