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Practicing Situational Awareness in a different place

Practicing Situational Awareness in a different place

When you go into a building, and especially if its a new place take a few minutes and scan for your exits… Just in case for some reason you need to leave quickly.

We’re trained to locate the obvious exits such as doors, but if there’s a fire or an event that causes a need for a quick escape, remember all storefront windows are an exit point!

Keeping your wits about you is important in a SHTF moment. Remain clam, as best as possible.

“Going with the flow” of traffic may not be the best route. In stressful situations, we may forget there is an exit of all buildings out the back!

Start a mental game with your family members or even challenge yourself to be a little bit like “Jason Borne” (he knows where every exit is in a matter of seconds).

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