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Should you say something if you feel like you are being followed?

Should you say something if you feel like you are being followed?

Are there certain Voice commands that can be used for Self Defense? Keep reading to learn how to Stay safe by speaking up!

Of course, ever situation is different and some things won’t work, but chances are if you DO speak strongly, loudly, and with clear intent, that it may be enough to stop you from becoming a potential victim. So, what should you say?

One of the most critical reasons we should practice speaking (or yelling) in a stressful self defense situation is that it makes us breathe!

It’s our natural tendency to hold our breath when we’re under stress. Have you ever worked with a fitness trainer? They’re constantly telling you to “breathe” during a strenuous workouts or even during Pilates? Yes, we tend to hold our breath and we’re not even aware of it most of the time.

What happens when you hold your breath…. lack of oxygen to the brain… then hypoxia… then un-consciousness (or fainting). Now, this isn’t a good situation to find yourself in if you’re involved in any sort of “situation”. One, where your life could be in danger, right?

Recently, The WON (women’s outdoor network) shared some valuable information and could be a game changer AND life saving! I HAD to share it with you!

It can’t be said enough just how important situational awareness is.

See trouble; avoid trouble -before it finds you!

In fact, making eye contact is a great first step to signal to a criminal that you won’t be and aren’t an easy target! Of course, this would be the best scenario for the said criminal and they leave you alone.

But, if you find yourself feeling “creeped out”‘, TRUST yourself enough to speak out!

STOP being polite; stop feeling like you must be polite. WHO says/said you do?

Ok, I hope you understand you’re worthy, strong and you’ve decided you won’t be a victim!

Now, are You willing to make changes and do things that may feel uncomfortable (at first), but remember the goal is to stay safe and come home to family, and loved ones. After all, IT”S THAT that matters – ie your life. Feeling rude for a minute is a small price to pay. Even if it was totally mis understood situation!

So, what are the things we should said?

  1. NO!” Don’t under estimate a strong, powerful 2 letter word. I believe that most women will typically feel it necessary to give a reason, an explanation for saying NO. NO, you don’t!! Stop believing a bad rule; You don’t have to say anything more than NO! You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Say “no” with authority and mean it.
  2. “I can’t help you!”
  3. “Stop!”… “Stop, following me” or “Stop/ Don’t come any closer! ” Pick one and practice saying it out loud.
  4. “Get away from me!”
  5. Yell, “F-I-R-E, some one Call 911”

These days, it seems the only “help” you can get is someone willing to watch whats happening to you and film it on the phone instead of getting involved, offering help or aid. Most people will respond better to “fire” than “police” or “help me”. It’s a shame but it’s where we are in 2023.

I’ll admit, its a little harder than you may think at first. At least, it was for me. I’m just being honest. I saw a man loitering outside a shop and I had recently finished training with using voice as a deterrent. As the man approached me and before he had a chance to ask a question, I responded with “I can’t help you” and swiftly walked inside.

Did I feel a little be uncomfortable? Yep. But only for a minute….

Spending the rest of your life with those you love is well worth 20 seconds of a bad feeling.

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