Incognito Wear IX is the pioneer in changing how women carry a concealed weapon discreetly.
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Celebrate the strength of motherhood by ensuring mom’s safety.

Celebrate the strength of motherhood by ensuring mom’s safety.

A Protective Mom needs Protective Gear- we’ve got your back with some great gift ideas!

Celebrate the strength of motherhood by ensuring mom’s safety. Mom’s kept you safe all these years. Now, encourage Mom to keep herself safe too!

Shop our Mother’s Day collection for exclusive deals on concealed carry apparel and accessories. Because every mom deserves to feel secure. She’s a “Mamma Bear” and her job was making sure you were taken cared of and protected you from harm.

Now it’s your turn to make sure Mom is safe. We all know the elderly can be an easy target in this current culture. We all need to embrace our Second Amendment right to bear arms for self defense. I’m saying you should embrace ANY type of tool for self defense – You are worth fighting for!

She can have a Peace Of Mind with P.O.M. Pepper Spray. It’s one of the best and strongest OC spray available on the market!

It’s comforting to know it’s American made as well. There are several options available such as a clip on canister for pants or attach it to your keychain. Mix and match your outfit with the 6-in-1 color spray!

Regardless if Mom is a gun girl or not, our American made clothing is fashionable, soft and comfortable she’ll love it no matter how she choose to protect herself.

Perhaps, accessories are her bag (see what I did there?). We have purses, specifically designed for concealed carry meaning there is a dedicated pocket only for your firearm. Most purses come with a holster that can be adjusted for the right angle.

Does Mom love a little bling? After all, who doesn’t! See our assortment of jewelry- from Hobo style to leather and rhinestones. You know your Mom best and we have an assortment of silver plated cuff style bracelets so if she has a bit of arthritis, they’re easy to put on and take off. Lot’s of designs to choose from! We understand the need to look fashionable and have stocked our store with hot items, just for you

Regardless, of where you are on this journey of becoming self reliant, we hope you’ll come back and visit us often. Our goal is to empower you to no longer be “afraid” but “brave” of never becoming a victim.

American made clothing and holsters are stylish and minimize the print or outline of your firearm so that it’s well camouflaged and no one will single you out! We know you may feel like you have a sign over your head “advertising” your tools, but we promise, our clothing will boost your confidence and bridge the gap from a heavy purse to on body carry.

Soon, you’ll be able to get our our Free guide to concealed carry solutions based on your firearm, style and body. .

Let us know how your choose to protect yourself or what’s standing in the way. We here to help you to Never be a victim!

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