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Learn from my mistakes in buying a firearm for the first time, What is Form 4473?

Learn from my mistakes in buying a firearm for the first time, What is Form 4473?

Form 4473


You’ve come to the decision that a firearm for self defense and protection makes sense, but you’re not sure of the process.

Is there really a background check to purchase a firearm? Everyone buying a gun MUST fill out Form 4473

YES, Form 4473, is a BACKGROUND CHECK! It’s the NICS.

Chances are if you never been down this road or you don’t have a friend to share some inside information with you, it can be a little overwhelming. After all , it’s an Official Government Document – eek!

As is it with the government, all paperwork must be exact.

For example, date of birth must be in format with 2-digit month and day, and 4 digit year.

There are no abbreviations for state of birth.

If you have a concealed carry weapons permit or license, the background check is quicker. If you don’t have this license, it’s best to included your social security number; unless you plan to wait for quite some time.

The background check is normally about a 20-30 minutes; unless there are some hiccups. If you were thinking about falsifying information – that not only is a big hiccup but it’s a felony charge!

Which can cause you to banned from owning a firearm.

So, take your time, go slow, and read all the questions. If you make a mistake, draw one single line through the error, and initial it. You don’t want to start over nor does the store as all documents are batched and counted.

You see it is regulated process. But once you know what to expect, it’s not so intimidating.

Typically, you’ll be able to go home with your firearm but pack some patience. Specially if your purchasing a firearm on a weekend when the system is very busy.

The Second Amendment is under attack

Ironically, many who argue for gun control have no idea what’s on Form 4473 and this background process. Fight to protect your right to own (any) firearm.

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