Incognito Wear IX is the pioneer in changing how women carry a concealed weapon discreetly.
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IWIX is as easy as Amazon

IWIX is as easy as Amazon

Shopping online is becoming more of a thing, more popular. Older generations like to be able to try on clothes, touch items and inspect before spending money blindly, as it would seem.

Thanks to places like Amazon, Mammoth Nation and PublicSquare, online shopping is more of a thing.

But one question is always comes to mind when it involves to clothing items or shoes. What size should you get? That’s a fair question with buying online.

With Incognito Wear IX designs, you’d order like you were buying your favorite T shirt. Our clothing is sized in ranges rather than a specific number.

We’re sized XS- 3XL, yes, we have plus size.

Incognito Wear IX garments are stylish, designed for concealed carry, but are still casual clothes with a bit of stretch for comfort and ease that anyone would want to wear. We find travelers love our garments too.

We want your experience buying from us to be easy as Amazon shopping. Typically , orders ship the same day and are delivered within 2 days, depending on carriers you know. We also have 30 day returns or exchanges. Our goal is to help you build your confidence in carrying for your protection and look good while doing so.

Better than Amazon? Yes, all our clothing (and bellyband holsters) are Made in America!🇺🇸

Confidence to buy today – quality to last.

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