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It’s safe to travel

It’s safe to travel

4/6/21 # Travel tips – Learn from my mistakes

Some of the best tactics to keep your family safe…

Now that the Easter Bunny has come and things are beginning to look a little more normal, are you planning a vacation this summer?

When my kids were young, I liked to take my kids to different places during the summer and explore our great country. I imagine after being restricted from traveling, my guess is many of you are itching to take a road trip! Whether it be to see some friends, family or somewhere new.

Here’s 3 concealed carry tips for traveling with protection (your firearm).

First, and I’d say the most important tips is to know the concealed carry laws along your route and for your final destination. There’s an easy way to do this, assuming you already have a concealed carry permit in your home state.

This map will show you the other states that honor your license to carry, so you’ll know immediately, if you can carry where you are going.

To reference a previous blog on traveling cross country with a firearm click here. 
Note the placement of the hands on the steering wheel

Secondly, knowing what to do if you get pulled over by police.  Remember your Driver’s Ed class? Place your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel, turn on the dome light if it’s dark and wait for the police to approach you.

* I’ve heard this Tip if you are concealing and you get pulled over, extend your fingers out (hands of course being at 10 and 2 on steering wheel) that this is a non-verbal way to politely communicate to the officer that you’re armed.

Remember, when traveling, to check the state laws whether or not you must notify the officer if you have a firearm.

One other item you might find quite useful for traveling, depending on state laws, would be to have a portable safe for traveling or storage.  

Highly recommended, especially when you’re in a new town, to  practice Cooper’s color codes of situational awareness. What are color codes?

Develop a plan.

Make sure everyone in the family knows what the plan is, any key words and the expected action family members are to take.

All the hotels have escape routes posted. Make sure you have your own escape route too.

If you have small children, practice it often so they are familiar with the words and the routine.  Albeit, a little trickery when traveling with young ‘uns.

Remember, knowledge is power and being prepared can save lives. AND, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the scenery!

*tips from USCCA
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