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Is your concealed carry gear in working order, clean and tight?

Is your concealed carry gear in working order, clean and tight?

Now is a good time to check your CCW (concealed carry weapons permit) license expiration date. And while you’re checking on things, check to make sure your concealed carry gear in working order, clean and tight.

Time gets away from us as we’re busy handling work, kids, families, etc. and may not realize THIS is the year your weapons permit expires!

I want you to learn from my mistake!

My holster became inoperable as I was traveling home from a show. You see, I like my holster slightly slanted (or with a cant) and over time putting my holster on and off over a good sturdy belt. By the way, If you are looking for a good strong carry belt, I highly recommend Nextbelt.

The screw had worked itself loose enough that the next time I pulled the clip to place my holster over my waistband and belt, it pulled apart and separated!

So, what lessons did I learn?

  1. To regularly check my gear to make sure everything is in working order and is tightened
  2. Have back up gear. Have an extra belt or my Strix Bellyband holster. How ever you carry, it may be wise to have a second one in your car or range bag.
  3. Being prepared for the unexpected is what concealed carry is all about and yet, I failed to make sure my gear wouldn’t fail (or fall apart).
  4. Check your gear on a regular basis, or at least at the beginning of a new year and don’t forget to check your permit expiration date

The goal is to make sure your concealed carry gear is in working order, everything is clean and all screws are tight – on all your gear! Develop a habit of tighten screws on holsters and inspect your EDC (every day carry) gear, regularly.

I was fortunate in that I DID have a second holster, my Strix Bellyband holster. A bellyband is an elastic band or wrap with a holster. This was actually more comfortable traveling and certainly easier when having to stop for a bathroom break! Because my firearm was on my body, around my waist and secure whether my pants were up or not!

Stay Safe, my friends.

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