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In light of Alec Baldwin…

In light of Alec Baldwin…

(Would you say that it’s rather interesting how the media responds to a shooting when it’s one of their own…. just saying).

Did you hear about Alex Baldwin pointing a(fake) gun at his cinematographer?

I bring this up to emphasize how important gun safety is to understand and to practice it ALL THE TIME!

This is a tragedy and please keep cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ family in your prayers.

I feel like this is a good time to re evaluate my (and perhaps) your mindset. I believe this is at the core of making the decision to carry a firearm for self protection.

Are you mentally and emotionally prepared to pull the trigger if your life is threatened or another?

Don’t brush over this decision without some soul searching. If it’s not for you, you should know that (and if that’s you, it’s completely fine! No judgement here!).

Now would be the opportunity to chose another means for self defense (check out my Damsel in Defense site)

So, if you’re on board with the mental and emotional aspects of this decision and you carry, do you also carry some sort of shooters’ insurance?

This is basically insurance to help with the legal ramifications and legal assistance (this is another blog story to write).

If you don’t know about this type of insurance, now is a good time to study up on why and how it can help you should you ever have to draw your firearm.

Some companies to check out are (in no particular order).

I would invite you to-

find some time to explore (or re visit) your reasons for carrying self defense tools, whether it’s non-lethal or lethal.

Given our current social intolerance in culture, rise in crime rates, and the decline of consequences for breaking the law; one’s likelihood of an encounter some sort of scenario is, unfortunately, on the rise.

It’s my goal at Incognito Wear IX, to make protecting your life a little easier by providing clothing that’s fashionable and functional.

How? By style design that minimizes printing. Knowing you have these staples in your wardrobe saves you time in dressing, and getting out the door, so you are able to protect yourself  and others.

Not only do you have a “Go-To” garment anytime you desire to carry, my clothes can save precious time (on your draw) by allowing you to discreetly grip and access your firearm.

Don’t leave home without it, and you’ll never be a victim because of style.

Stay armed, be fashionable and be incognito!

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