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How to do a quick clean after being at the range

How to do a quick clean after being at the range

Safety Sunday Tip: Keep your firearm clean.

How often must I clean my gun? Is it necessary to clean my gun every time I shoot? What is important to remember is that -

A clean gun is one that will go bang 💥 every time you squeeze the trigger. But, can you get the firearm too clean to function?

Possibly, if you remove all of the lubricate! Yes, your gun needs to be clean and lubed for proper “fitness” i.e. working conditions.

However, generally speaking, a weekly lite clean and lube (depending of course on how often you shoot and the number of rounds) is a good habit to develop to keep your firearm in top working condition.

Personally, we like a product called CLP (Clean,Lubricate, Protect) as it simplifies the cleaning process (3 in 1😁 ). Of course, you can find other gun cleaning products on that popular website with everything from A to Z, but I’d rather you shopped other industry small business and support American made.

Very Important step BEFORE cleaning your firearm is ALWAYS remove your ammo from cleaning area. Double, Triple check to make sure your firearm is clear before starting!

Disassemble your firearm.

Remove the slide, spring and barrel.

Lay them out on a flat surface. You probably want to cover the table with a mat, paper towel or something. Lay your gun parts out in an order. I find it best to lay each part from left to right as I disassemble it- slide, spring, barrel and frame.

Now the cleaning part. Use your cleaning product, making sure to address all points of contact. Gently scrub, rub with a brush to remove all the lead and carbon build up. Be careful to avoid getting oil on any night sights. You don’t want drop oil in the firing pin, but you do want to gentle scrub the area with the (already) dampened brush or towel.

Repeat this process for each of the components of your firearm.

For a deeper clean, clean inside your barrel (bore). This is where it can get really dirty and messy. Once your happy with how things look (clean), it’s time to reassemble your firearm.

This time, we’ll work from right to left with each component of the gun putting it back in place. Once all components are properly back together, dry fire to make sure the slide is securely in place and the gun is ready for action next time you train.

A clean firearm makes range time a fun time. Plus, confidently knowing your prepared… to never be a victim.

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