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How to practice a new mindset for situational awareness

How to practice a new mindset for situational awareness

I had the pleasure to be in one of Terry’s classes on body languages and he is full of great advice. Terry was in the British elite forces and brings a great wealth of knowledge and actual experience to what he is speaking about.

Have you ever really watched someone’s Body language?

Developing a mindset to be observant of others and your surroundings isn’t necessarily an easy change to make but with practice you could avoid becoming a victim of a mugging or car jacking.

Please check out Terry Vaughn on LinkedIn and YouTube. He’s information (training, safety tips, etc) are easy to follow and understand. He has a wonderful way of explaining things so anyone can understand what is being taught and be able to apply it to their life.

I remember several months after my training class, I was in a big box store and noticed a certain “posturing” of an individual. I was excited. While it wasn’t a wonderful sort of posturing, but I was excited as I remembered the body language and recognized immediately.

I noticed itThat’s the importing thing!

crimes caught on camera

Situational awareness is a learned skill and it takes practice to develop. We have become “trained” to watch our phones, daydream, and being pre occupied with something other than what’s happening in front of us or around us!

Take a listen and shift your mindset to be better prepared to NOT be a victim and stay safe!

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