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Holiday blue rebound – building a community in 2024

Holiday blue rebound – building a community in 2024

Are you suffering from the Holiday blues? … or do you feel like you need a brake from too much family??

The holidays can be a stressful time of year. However, they are joyous at the same time. Maybe you hosted all of the extended family members for a short time or a longer period of time. Perhaps you’re ready to have your home back in order?

Ready to return to a “regular schedule”. I didn’t use the word “normal” because, well, NOTHING seems to be normal anymore!

… While our borders are wide open and “crazy chaos” streams across our borders; our kids are told (i.e. convinced) of what to believe by the use of tactics from World War II.

We, as an older generation, may remember some of our history lessons (fortunately, we were actually taught about History!) and Socialism. “The big lie (German: große Lüge) is a lie of the truth, used as a propaganda technique.[1][2] The German expression was created by Adolf Hitler”.


This is one of the benefits of a shooting community group. We are all of different backgrounds, faiths, beliefs but we all understand the need to be self reliant and the desire to be in control of our lives.

outdoor shooting range

Finding a shooting buddy has many benefits. It builds a relationship you may not have encountered. You build skills and have an accountability partner. After all, shooting skills diminish if they aren’t practiced.

This is one of my goals for 2024. Life is busy working two full time jobs and keeping my household in order.

Plus, you’ll know the relationship is with like-minded people. And we all need each other! We are meant to be with people.

As we see The America we grew up in continue to slide downward, we need to hold tight to our principles and our faith…. And our Guns!

Become comfortable with your firearm. The more you practice, the more you shoot, handle, clean, and become familiar with how it works, the more comfortable you will be.

Remember learning how to drive??? Could you brush your hair, apply lipstick or change the radio stations?  NO, as a new driver –it was both hands on the wheel and NOTHING else could possibly have even been a thought.

Look at you now – a pro – comfortable and confident. Let’s  have you concealed carry just as comfortable and confident.

Check with your local gun range for ladies shooting group. Many ranges may also host a chapter of A Girl and A Gun or Armed Women of America. I would also invite you to  get involved with a good Bible teaching church.

Together armed – and with God’s word.

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