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Gun Control – How to talk with non 2A supporters

Gun Control – How to talk with non 2A supporters

How to talk to those who support gun control. Hold your ground and have a conversation — not a fight or argument.

“According to almost every major study on the issue, Americans use their firearms defensively between 500,000 and 3 million times each year.” From @HeritageDataViz Data Visualizations

I feel we are at a boiling point in America on so many levels. One side against the other pushing and believing with all their hearts in what they say (or believe in) is the “absolute truth”.

We all know no matter how thin the pancake is, there are always two sides.

So, the question remains how to talk rationally to those who are for gun control?

The DC Project has a great resource on this topic and a free download here.

One of the most important things to remember is getting off on the right foot.

Begin the conversation with finding common ground. “How”? you may ask.

We all want to feel safe in our own homes and communities and to protect our family.

Share your values why feeling safe matters to you –

  • I carry to protect myself / yourself and Life.
  • A firearm equalizes the malice of evil intent
  • I don’t want to be helpless – I don’t want to be a victim
  • Chances are no one will be there to help (or save me) so I will need to be the first responder to a crime scene or what may have been a potential crime scene but was warded off because I was prepared individual

Here are some ways to brainstorm

  • Sharing your truth is an opportunity to inform, enlighten, inspire and support our Constitutional rights.
  • . Write down a list of everything you would want someone to know about why you support 2A rights.
  • Then, write a benefit for the person you are (or my in contact with)
  • Give yourself several responses
  • Speak calmly and address the value for them (i.e. What’s in it for me)

Speak calmly and from your heart.

Share your story and let your emotions out – don’t force them but don’t be embarrassed if the reason you chose a firearm brought tears to your eyes.

Come from a place of education rather than throwing the Constitution at them. Education is such an eye opener.

Relate the fear, nervousness of learning to drive a car (also a deadly weapon – in the wrong hands) to firearms. Once you learn proper gun safety and handling rules, (learning “how” to drive and practicing driving) your fear and nerves subside.

After all, it’s the PERSON  using the instrument (car, truck, knife, or firearm) not the object.

There are already many laws “on the books” and that doesn’t stop malicious intent. Evil cannot be stopped – other than by a higher power, i.e. God.

Asking questions and LISTEN.

Do you believe you have a right to survive and to protect your family?

Your wife, child(ren), mom, dad, siblings, neighbor, etc.?

If so, the Second Amendment guarantees your freedom to choose how to protect them.

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