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Did you know your gear could be failing you, unexpectedly?

Did you know your gear could be failing you, unexpectedly?

Learn from my mistakes when my gear broke. I was Shocked!

I never would have thought this would happen, Ever! … but it did! Learn from my mistakes and develop a routine to check your shooting gear on a regular basis or at least 1- 2 times a year.

What do I mean by this? I was packing up after the NRA show in Indy and had a long drive ahead of us. Of course, I traveling with my firearm but I had not checked the screws on my gear. It broke!! I wasn’t able to use my IWB holster.

While Incognito Wear IX may have been late leaving the venue, our goal was to at least get out of town. To avoid the Monday  morning rush hour traffic in an unknow town! So, we drove well into the night chatting about the past few days and all the folks we met.

Thank you to all who came by as it was an absolute pleasure speaking with you and sharing our products that help you to feel confident in carrying and looking like professional stylist.

When we realize we were out of stamina to continue on we found a place to rest our weary bodies for the night.

As you may have guessed, this time when we hit the “snooze” button, we slept right on through and woke when our bodies had recovered from the no stop busyness of the NRA trade show. Upon dressing and getting my “safety gear” on, This is when it hit me!

My holster clip came apart!! Yes, the clip that attaches to my belt! Yes, the very clip that holds my firearm on my body!.

WOW! NEVER would I have expected that! Yep, my inside the waistband (IWB) holster was out of commission! We still had about 6 hours of driving ahead of us. I felt better because I wasn’t traveling alone and of course, I still had my firearm.

But now, I had to determine how I’d carry it or place it…. During the rest of  the drive. I normally carry it on body but today was going to be different.

However, I had a solution…

Unfortunately, my first option of using my Strix bellyband wasn’t going to work as they were all packed up. It just so happened that I had some back up gear available. I’m glad I happened to have a concealed carry purse handy. Having a stylish handbag is one thing, having it for a backup holster is a plus!

I’m sure you’ve heard others say things like “you should never carry in a purse”. Perhaps, now on occasion you can understand there is a need for concealed carry purses and you might change your mind.

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