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Concealed carry fashion -Learn from my mistakes

Concealed carry fashion -Learn from my mistakes

One of the biggest concerns when you start concealing your firearm, is that EVERYONE can tell, EVERYONE can see it.

First, Congratulations on becoming Self Reliant! Woohoo

Secondly, that means it’s time for a closet redo and wardrobe make-over!

What to do with your clothes when you being to conceal? Closet Make-Over

I’m sure you’re another fashion-ista who’s recently discovered the world of dressing dilemmas when it comes to concealed carry. Honey, you are not alone!

Chances are you’re finding that your old style doesn’t work in your new lifestyle.

It’s time for a closet shuffle (click here to read about how to organize your clothes) and everyone goes through this wardrobe transition when they make the decision to carry on body for safety. After all you understand you will be your own first responder.

You may be one of the new five million of new gun owners joining forces with many other Americans who exercise their right to bear arms. Some choose gun ownership for sport, hunting or simply for home or self defense. After all, these are some crazy times.

For those who are gun owners for self defense, I bet you’re a bit shocked that your existing wardrobe doesn’t quite work and your firearm likely imprints in your form fitting, body hugging clothes.

This is not just an excuse to say “I have nothing to wear”! but you should take some time and give your closet a make-over.

Really look at your clothes. Does the item still fit? Do you love it? The big test comes when you try on the garment, add your firearm to your body and observe in the mirror. Can you, or do you believe the “average person” would notice the firearm imprinting its silhouette through your clothes?

This was my world too! Talk about having “Nothing to wear” LOL….

But seriously, I had a closet full of professional, stylish, form fitting and tailored clothes (having worked most of my life in interior design industry working  with home builders and their new buyers).

You men have it easier 😊 but it’s not so easy for women to conceal a firearm. For example, many of our (women) clothes have small pockets, barely big enough for lipstick let alone a gun.

So here’s the question, How do you conceal (a gun) without printing?

That’s one reason why I started designing clothing. I know what its like to be so frustrated and I want to help you to never be a victim by making it easy for you to choose to carry.

How? By giving you garments with stylish designs and give discreet access to your firearm. I’ve taken the worry out of dressing. Plus, our clothes are proudly Made in America.

We add features like ruffles, pleats, gathers, and nice fabrics with drape.

Not only are you concerned about someone noticing the bump on your hip, but your ability to retrieve it. After all, that’s what will matter.

It’s one thing to walk around so that no one can “see” that you’re armed. It’s another thing to actually be able to draw your firearm without a lot of effort.

Most of us carry somewhere around the waist. Although, this is considered the best location and most desired because your arms and hands can easily reach your firearm.

For example, it’s easier to draw (your firearm) when you carry appendix, or anywhere along the front of the body from  9 o’clock to 3 o’clock.

It becomes a bit more challenging, carrying further behind your natural side where your arms must now reach behind and backwards for a 4 o’clock draw or further if you carry at the small of back.

Dressing around a firearm also encompasses an important accessory, your holster. Consider how easy or how quickly you could draw from concealment.

Do you have to move your arms to an unnatural position to reach your firearm?

If so, you may want to consider either a different holster or carrying in a different location. Of course, you have to do what’s best for YOU. That’s why you’ve got options. There’s not one answer for everyone.

I also take into consideration what if or when you begin to feel uneasy about a situation,  can discreetly grip your firearm ahead of time (just in case) and know that you will not be a victim.

Planning ahead, being prepared and having the tools to defend your life are some of the reason you’ve joined so many others who live a lifestyle of being self reliant.

These are the skills we learn and will practice and hopefully never need.

As the seasons change, I hear many women struggle to continue carrying on body. As temperatures rise, along with hemlines, it’s not uncommon for women to look more at off body carry options like a purse or briefcase. Of course, a girl likes to have options! And, make a fashion statement.

Yes, you can be armed, fashionable (and feminine). We’re here to help you do just that! AND we’ll keep you incognito!

Let us know what your biggest challenges are in the comments below.

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