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How to wear Wide jeans/ pants or Skinny jeans

How to wear Wide jeans/ pants or Skinny jeans

This week’s Fashion Friday is Wide leg vs. Skinny jeans.

Alot of fashion experts are saying the Skinny jeans trend is on the way out, but I gotta disagree! Are you giving up the tall boots and tucked in jean look?

Especially, for during the winter months when we’ve all have been waiting for the cooler weather to bring out our booties and tall boots. It’s just a great look!

And, it’s great for concealing self defense tools too.

Here’s the thing with how to wear skinny jeans or wide legged jeans (or pants).
In order to not look like you’ve lost a ton of weight or frumpy and sloppy when styling wide legged jeans or pants you should go smaller on top when the bottoms are so full.

It’s important not to be so baggy all over. You get what I’m saying, it’s about the relationship in regards to proportions. So a wide leg jean and a big full top is, well um, not going to be the most attractive outfit you could put together! Tighter fitting or even cropped tops make concealing a firearm at the waist a challenge.

The clothes will look like they are swallowing you. Yes, we want to be stylish. Here’s how you can wear the latest trend in Wide leg jeans and carry by going moderately wide.

This way you still have a looser fitting top which will keep your firearm from printing.


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