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By law, when you see an emergency vehicle, you must move

By law, when you see an emergency vehicle, you must move

Can you believe this happened twice in less than five days?!

I’m in the path of emergency vehicles and I notice that no one is paying attention or taking action. Some call it the “move over” law, but no one seems to care or move out of the way and allow the ambulance, police, fire or medics through. Do you think your life is more important?

Take a listen for a PSA (public service announcement) video on what the law requires you to do when you hear or see emergency vehicles coming.

Be safe out there. Pay attention and allow the first responders to the scene so that a loved one can get the care, medical treatment, direct traffic around a crash or whatever the emergency is. YOUR schedule, my friend, at the time of a crisis are not that important. Wouldn’t you want a rapid response if you were in need?

Do as you would want to be treated. It is a better way.

If you live a self reliant lifestyle, I invite you to shop our American made concealed carry clothing that minimizes printing so you won’t struggle with dressing around your firearm. Our clothing is non tactical and doesn’t support your firearm. Use any waist holster or our Strix bellyband holster to support your gun. With hidden and discreet access you’ll be ready to defend your life. We never want you to be a victim because of style!

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