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4 tips to improve the security of your front door.

4 tips to improve the security of your front door.

We’re gearing up for the thick of the political campaign season and holidays before we know it. This is a good time to check your home for safety. How secure is the front door? This time of year, you’re likely to have many more visitors stopping by. Whether it’s political volunteers in hopes of getting your vote or guests for upcoming holidays.

Regardless, why there’s a knock at the front door, you don’t have to answer it. Here’s what to do instead and four tips on how to reinforce your front door to stay safe.

Chances are they are legit and want to have a conversation with you. This is also the season where home repair companies circulate to get business as we plan for upcoming holidays.

But, should you open the door?

Keep in mind, there are plenty of criminals ready to pose as “political campaign helpers”, only to gain access (whether visually to peer inside to determine if they should come back later- much like the robbers in the “Home Alone” movie) or they may right push their way in as you open the door and rob you… or worse.

Here are several things you can do to keep your home more secure.

  • 1. Keep bushes, plantings, etc. trimmed so you have a good view and no one could hide behind them
  • 2. Have a peep hole and or window or sidelights
  • 3. Replace the screws in your dead bolt with longer (about 3″) screws.
  • 4. Video doorbells are a nice added device where you can speak and answer the know without actually opening the door (subscription may apply).

And, I love this tip best of all!

Go out a side or rear door and walk around to the front of the house to see who is there. Chances are you will surprise the visitor! Or at least, you will have thrown them off their game plan.

It’s so unexpected!

This is also a good reason to carry while at home. You never know when someone will be paying you a visit. Being prepared is part of the self reliant mindset.

I hope these tips help remind you to reinforce your doors as we head into Fall and less daylight hours.

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