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2022…It’s gunna be G r r reat!

2022…It’s gunna be G r r reat!

Start this year off with L O V E

So, I have my typical New Year’s Resolution; which is the same every year because I love the all the wonderful treats during the Holiday season…. So,

Here’s my “standard” New Year’s resolution of losing weight and get in better shape- who’s with me (lol)) but beyond that, I have a new motto for this year:

it’s to LOVE myself more!

To be kind to myself (and others)

To be patient with myself (and others)

To forgive myself because it’s not perfect (or others)

To take care of me so I CAN help others.

It’s like the “Airline safety” speech – put the mask on yourself FIRST and then on others who need help and assistance.

After all, it’s because you L O V E that you choose to protect yourself and your loved ones.

“Never be a victim because of style”

Always be armed, fashionable & Incognito!

Join me for this 30 Day Challenge of Self Care this New Years.

30 day challenge

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