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My first predator hunting experience and how it relates to concealed carry

My first predator hunting experience and how it relates to concealed carry

Don’t be an easy target for a predator

As my husband and I walked our way in to the woods to a tree stand for an evening hunt for coyotes, I became aware of so many similarities to living a lifestyle of self-reliance and predator hunting.

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting friends’ farmland and had my first experience in hunting (other than a dove shoot). My husband grew up hunting and I’ve always been happy for him to have the opportunity to get in the woods. Now I fully understand why he likes to get in the woods.

Dove Shoot 2014

I knew that brought him such joy and peace to experience God in this way. To be one with the woods, nature and creation. Such beauty that a camera lens can’t capture. The sun shinning in your eyes as it plays pic-a-boo for a while as it slowly ducks behind a row of trees.

The evening sky glows in hues of pink, red and orange across the horizon. Even though it’s winter time (end of January 2021) most of the vegetation is brown and lifeless.

However, the woods are chirping with life. The sounds of squirrels, birds, ducks, deer, turkey and predators like coyotes and bobcats fill the air.

My first tree stand view and predator hunt

I was unaware at the beginning of our walk in, the importance of being as quite as possible from the beginning starting out with a quiet bad boy buggy and including our walk to the hunting stand. I admit, my husband had to tell me several times as we walked to be quite – the journey to the tree stand mattered and it’s important not to bring attention to ourselves or to disturb the habitat and run the animals off.

A semblance of what I believe the criminal “human predator” is like. He’s quite in every manner; doesn’t draw attention to himself or his environment. He leaves no evidence of being on the prowl.

We’re hunting predators, those (criminals) seeking to harm and kill the weak. My husband says it this way “they (coyotes) are an uninvited guest to an invitation only party”. The DNR (department of Natural Resources) calculates many factors, such as herd size statistics and food resources, into hunting guidelines.

Because coyotes aren’t native to Georgia (where I’m hunting) they can be hunted year round.

A coyote looks for an easy kill. Usually the weak and young, like a fawn.

Criminals look for easy targets. Are you a fawn? A deer in headlights? Are you situational aware of surroundings?

Unaware of surroundings

 You might be if you’re constantly looking at your phone. Do you have the volume turned up with earplugs in? Do you meander in the parking lot on the way to or from your car, the mall or office?

These “transitional” spaces are the highest risks for attacks and abductions. You should be on high alert when getting in or out of your vehicle, coming out of a door or rounding a corner or blind area.

How is a female of 100 pounds or 200 pounds going to resist the strength of a man who’s likely taller, stronger and intent on causing harm, kidnap or more violent acts?

To me and many others, this is the power of having a firearm for protection and why it’s important for to carry on body. Concealing a firearm on body takes some time, but if you’re ever in a situation it’s best to be prepared! Not a victim.

Georgia DNR has no closed season for predators. This means predator hunting can be done year-round without limitations on how many can be harvested. And by whatever means (to do so effectively) like using night vision, thermal vision and such equipment. However, this doesn’t mean that you can do so without a license!

The is the same manner in which a human predator might hunt for their prey. For a “would be victim” to defend themself against such a predator, s/he needs a tool that can stop the threat, stop the attack on their life.

One of the best ways to stop this threat is with a tool that can give the victim the upper hand, the strength and power / muscle to fight back, defend her or himself and escape.

Such an equalizing tool is a firearm.

There are plenty of predators looking for victims, do your part to not become one.

Visit your local gun range to find a firearm and training.

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Hide in plain sight

Like the owl (our animal symbol) keep your eyes and head on the lookout while you stay camouflaged and carry protection tools necessary for your survival.

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  • Lynne Tanner
    February 2, 2021

    Very good article, everyone should read it! We should all be more aware of what is around us. I know I’m guilty of reading my phone as I walk.

    Love the photos in the woods with the sunset!

    • Jan
      February 3, 2021

      Thanks. I struggle with being more aware of surroundings myself. I have to remember changing habits is a process; start small like leaving your phone in purse and have keys in hand.

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