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Christmas & carrying

Christmas & carrying

It’s official, the Christmas season is in full force!  The turkey has been served and well, demolished. Black Friday / Cyber Monday – the BEST Shopping time of the year gets you in the festive, giving mood <3

I’ll bet you’re looking forward to the crowds of people and meeting lot’s of extended family, friends, and even co-workers during this  busy time surrounded by holiday shopping and lots of Christmas parties.

And while living a lifestyle of safety and self reliance isn’t easy at times, Christmas holiday parties can add in a new angle with party attire and cocktails – yes the style of dress and the beverage.

Alcohol and your firearm.

Some things to consider before the party

1. Are you going to carry? While you may jump and say, “of course”, but I’d then have to ask you the question whether or not you intend to have any alcoholic drinks. It’s important to ALWAYS BE SAFE with firearms. So, make that decision before you get to the party. Know your limits. If you plan on drinking, plan to leave the firearm at home or have a designated “cc” friend/spouse.

2. If you’re going to carry at this festive Christmas party, I’d strongly encourage to carry on-body. It’s far too easy to become engaged in a story, for example, and forget to watch your (concealed carry) purse you “set down for a minute” (with your firearm unattended). Yes, it’s likely nothing would happen – but,then again, no one knows.

3.Test drive the holster and dress before the night of the party. We all know “practice makes perfect” and when it comes to saving your life, you want to be perfect so practice. Make sure if you’re carrying in a new location such as a thigh holster, you’ll want to know how to safely draw your firearm… just in case….

4. When it comes to dressing for a party, we have some great options like “Lacy” a black lace top that’s elegant, festive and conceals your firearm with easy. Of course, our signature original crossover top, “Lion + Lamb” is also a good choice. Both tops are Made in America and styled with “leather” looking leggings or a skirt, heels or boots, and some bling and you’ll be all set!

5.Carrying in a dress. This is a challenge to bend over, pull up the skirt or amount of fabric and draw your firearm. Personally, I’m more comfortable in slacks or a skirt over a dress. But I know there are dress lovers out there and that’s why I designed “Abigail” concealed carry dress. Carry your firearm where you can get to it quickly and the ideal location – at your waist!. “Abigail” was designed around our “Strix Bellyband holster” which has a built in trigger guard.

One final point, whatever holster you use, make sure it completely covers the trigger guard. If your holster has a clip on it, make sure it fits securely around your belt and doesn’t come off your belt when drawing your unloaded firearm as you test and practice.

Be safe & Merry!

I hope you know how much Jesus loves you! I invite you to experience his love this Christmas Season..


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