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THE BOSS Organizer Insert – Packin’ Neat by Kristen Purse Inserts


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Do you LOVE your current purse and wish to carry your firearm safely?

Now, you can! Concealed Carry made easy with Packin’ Neat’s integrated organizer and holster all.

An economical, one size fits most solution.  As with all the Packin’ Neat holster systems, this product includes a removable holster, so select the size that’s right for your carry firearm.

 All organizers are made from durable nylon materials, with multiple pockets so there’s a place for everything, including a separate pocket for your gun!

This is a quality concealed carry solution for women who choose to carry off body.  The Packin’ Neat System comes in multiple sizes and configurations to fit you.

Choose your insert size AND choose your holster size:

Boss Size  for larger bags and totes (approximately 30% larger organizer than Tactical, but with the same holster area) designed for those with larger purses.

How The Packin’ Neat Holster Works

Made of 100% durable Nylon and forming products, this product combines a purse organizer with a holster to keep your firearm positioned correctly and isolated.  The firearm is stored in a downward facing direction to allow for quick and easy access when you need it.  If your purse allows, we recommend cross carry with your hand inside your purse and on the weapon in areas you feel you are vulnerable.  The design of the holster works best when the organizer contains multiple miscellaneous purse items which keeps the firearm in an upright position.  

Now you can easily switch purses and carry when you wish. Best of all you can use your existing purses, designer purses and all.

See other sizes:

Tactical size for use in most medium to large purses.  The Tactical adjusts to fit the width of your purse.

Skinny size is flat and designed to fit in thin compartments or purses. The Skinny is made for thin or divided purses.

Mini size for use in small purses and bags.  The Mini adjusts to fit the width of your small purse. Please noteThis is only for small firearms 6 inches in length and under.

  • CHOOSE holster recommendations PRIOR to ordering – see below

This holster organizer turns any purse, bag or briefcase into a concealed carry bag.  Never be a victim because of style.

Proudly Made in America.

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Additional information


Black, Red, Brown, Baby Leopard

Holster Size

Compact, Sub-Compact, Revolver, other – send email Info@IncognitoWearix.com

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