Incognito Wear IX is the pioneer in changing how women carry a concealed weapon discreetly.
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Strapped! Messenger concealment handbag


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Messenger cross body style concealed carry purse. Single access on back of purse to access handgun. Purse has adjustable shoulder strap with zippered front pocket accents.

Narrow (thin) rectangular shaped conceal and carry purse with 2 pockets internally, and single gun pocket on back of purse.

Separate gun pocket on backside with matching removable holster. Turquoise.

* Bag Size : 9.5” L x 11.0” H x 2.0”W
* Two Compartments and 1 Middle Open Pocket
* Zippered Pocket & Open Pocket Inside
* Separately Concealed Compartment on Back with 1-Zipper Opening
* Lock and Key Feature for Safe and Secure Weapon Storage
* Removable Holster Included
* Adjustable Shoulder Strap
* Gold-Tone Hardware
* Material: Vegan Leather

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