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by | May 15, 2018

Lion + Lamb 2 pc top

It’s fits absolutely perfect and I love the material!! I will wear this everywhere!! I can’t wait for the ladies to see and feel it! 5 stars!

-Staci C., Hot Springs, Ak

review of bellyband

Strix Bellyband -Google Review


I’ve tried a BUNCH==>>This one works! (Strix Bellyband Holster)
***** FIVE STARS! I have a plethora of on-body carry options. I have corsets, lace wraps, bands, thigh holsters and tanks. This Strix Bellyband Holster is the best one I have ever used. I carry anywhere from a 32 to 9mm, depending on my mood and this holds each firearm securely and safely. I bought the 4 inch, size L band. i weigh 148lbs and am 5’2″. Physically I am petite and short waisted…so I bands that are too long or bulky cut into me. The 4 inch was the perfect choice—the firearm is secure and I am comfortable. Plus, this is MADE IN AMERICA, so–YAY! A gun won’t protect you if you don’t carry it, and if you are not comfortable, you won’t carry that gun. So, grab this holster!

Love the fact that it is made in America! These tops are must for concealed carry!
Lynne T

LOVE this clothing line! I was able to speak directly with Jan and she had great recommendations for exactly what I was looking for! Would highly recommend!
Dani T

 5 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Company, Top notch 🔝🔟, 2nd to None🤴, EXCELLENT, and EVERYTHING Concealed Firearm Carry Apparel company…The Owner, Jan, is MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE…I am EXTREMELY SATISFIED with my purchase from INCOGNITO WEAR IX, and will CERTAINLY purchase again.

Sam M

Best quality!

I own a few bellybands and I purchased this one because of the quality. It’s very substantial. The band is wide but it DOES NOT roll over or fold over so it stays in place right where you put it, whether low on the hips or high above the waist. Perfect for running or hiking because the powerful magnet holds the firearm in place. Last bellyband you’ll ever have to buy.



Bellyband Holster
Very comfortable. Easy to put on and take off. Holds my firearm. Safely and comfortable

“This lady is very friendly, and has a great sense of fashion for concealed carry needs! Thank you so much!”

Rhonda A.

Cumming, Ga.

“Quality products for a fair price”

Tommy A.

McDonough, Ga.

I had great service and got my items quickly. I love all the different styles Incognito Wear IX makes. I recommend this company to all of my friends!

Jennifer V.

Knoxville, TN.

Ordered some concealed carry purses & clothing, everything fit well and I am super satisfied with the quality of it. Highly suggest ordering from here, and they also sell (non-lethal) self defense tools!”

Jessica G.

Virigina Beach

“I got 1 Black, 1 gray and then went back and got 1 red.

I enjoyed getting to chat with you ladies while there….I love your items.  I purchased 2 of the same style shirts last year at the USCCA Expo in Louisville and I was so excited to see you in Pittsburgh this year”.

Debbie S

Pittsburgh, PA.

“Hey, I got the top! Looks and fits great!”

Holly I.

Watkinsville, Ga

Kim Sebben

It fits true to size. I’m a casual dresser but it can be dressed up. Fabrics are so soft! I love it! ~ Kim S., Atlanta, GA.
*customer added a colored T for the party 🙂

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