Concealed carry clothing

 Never be a victim because of style®

Don’t let fashion keep you from being armed. Working late? Errands to run? Going out of town or on a date?

How do you dress to concealed carry?

If you’ve ever experienced the dilemma of having to choose between either dressing to impress or dressing to protect, Incognito Wear IX is what you’ve been waiting for – it’s both! We’re casual clothing thats fashionable, stylish and functional.

It’s the ultimate camouflage for those of us hiding in plain sight.

With Incognito Wear IX, there’s no excuse not be armed – you want to protect yourself, your loved ones, or your valuables.
Our goal is to provide clothing that makes it easy to dress for concealment; thus empowering you to carry every day. Our engineered designs combine comfort and hidden accessiblity to your firearm, pepper spray, or other self protection means to avoid becoming a victim, without that giveaway “tactical”appearance. We’ll help you dress for utility and for style.

We’ve forged the way for the population of people with concealed carry permits to become “incognito.” Regardless of lifestyle, we’ve got you covered from casual and professional wear.

Incognito Wear IX is the one true place where function meets fashion.

Our unique stylish designs come in a variety of patterns and are created to provide you with a sense of confidence that your choice of protection will not stick out or show. Whether you’re walking home alone, out for the day with loved ones, or traveling for work, you can have peace of mind knowing that Incognito Wear IX has your back.

But Incognito Wear IX wants to help prevent everyone from becoming a victim, not just the armed customer. The special hidden access points that are seamlessly installed into every design can be used not just to reach your weapon, but also to safeguard your valuables from theft.

There are so many reasons to protect yourself and others with functional concealed carry clothing. Incognito Wear IX makes it possible for every day people like you and me to hide in plain sight. Never be a victim because of style.

Educate yourself on the latest laws regarding concealed carry where you reside and where you may be going if you plan to travel.

My name is Jan Wolbrecht and I am the creator of Incognito Wear IX. Growing up, I had a creative mind just like my father. After graduation from Samford University, I started my adult life as a military spouse and began raising a family.

Life happens, and I ended up spending the next 9 or so years as a single mother and struggling to raise three children. I was blessed to find my current husband in 2005. He exposed me and my children to the great outdoors—skeet shooting, fishing, hunting, and camping. Little did I know that those first encounters with guns would become a major role in my life story.

It was around 2013 when my husband bought me a pistol. I began training and learning about gun safety and concealed carry. As I learned, I became very conscious of how to dress. I felt as if my firearm plainly showed through whatever I was wearing. It seemed to me that “concealed” carry wasn’t an effective form of protection when it was so obvious that I was carrying. My mind began to seek a solution—a discreet way to carry protection with clothing that was functional, fashionable, and would camouflage a weapon.

This was the beginning of my idea for this clothing line, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I had only a name for my business, Incognito Wear IX, and the symbol, an owl. Before I felt I could continue developing my idea, I turned to my faith for guidance and began to pray.

In December of 2014, The Lord answered my prayers in the most awe-inspiring way. On a beautiful, sunny day I was out for a walk. Out of the blue, an owl (my symbol for Incognito Wear IX) swept down right in front of me and perched itself on a tree trunk. In broad daylight, this well camouflaged and silent creature that hunts under the cloak of night, showed itself to me. The Lord had sent me a message, and I received it loud and clear. With renewed courage and spirit, I bring you Incognito Wear IX.

I hope you like it!


P.S. Are your curious about the owl? Check out our Facebook page to see a picture of it!