Once a year in North Georgia, women from across the country come together for one Fabulous Girls Weekend!

A full weekend of making new friends and connecting with old friends. Whats the common link among us?

Guns! Yep, we are women shooters! Many of these fabulous ladies are firearm trainers learning and improving their own skills so they can in turn, help others improve their skills.

Conversations around firearms aren’t to welll received in todays culture. This “taboo” label makes it more difficult for some individuals to cross over that “entry barrior” into the shooting sports.

I found learning to shoot exciting and empowering. Yes, safety is a MUST. Building a skill and self confidence is a great reward.

If you are considering learning about firearms for home or self defense, competition shooting, hunting, skeet / trap or just for fun, I recommend taking a few classes with a certified instructor(s).

I highly recommend  Shelley and Brian Hill of The Complete Combatant (here in Georgia). Not only are they great shooters themselves, but excellent teachers.

I am so honor to call them “friends” and to be invited to the amazing environment The Complete Combatant has created with The Mingle.

A networking and training weekend for women in the firearms industry.