I think we’re all ready for life to return to normal as we head into spring and look forward to summertime fun.  I know you missed your loved ones and heartbroken to have missed out on the many family events or celebrations over the past month or so, me too!

As our country begins to open up, Let’s get back to normal or perhaps a better you. Did you get the down time; the “rest and relaxation” you needed?

Family seems more important these days as “absence makes the heart grow fonder” rings true. Perhaps, you’re finding the silver lining of this quarantine to really spend quality time with your kids and family.

I know it’s been a rough few weeks, okay, maybe it feels like forever!

What did you do to get the most out of being at home? Are you still adjusting to working from home with your children underfoot….and being teacher, Principal and a Chef!

Do you feel like you’re running your own restaurant! There have been so many super hero stories of people helping people, neighbors helping neighbors.

As we move closure to May and Mother’s Day, I hope it will be extra special this year!

You need a big hug! You have done an amazing job getting through… and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kinda symbolic, don’t you think? Right after Easter, the Spring Season and all?

Is it too early to think about Mother’s Day? It will be the first national holiday we can (of course, carefully following guidelines) get together – with friends, loved ones and party!

Mother’s Day 5/10/20

If you think Mom has everything and you have no idea how to make this day special, I’ve gotcha some help!

Nothing saves “I love you” like pictures! So, if you can’t think of a single thing, and we’ve got ideas in the photo below, remember Mom loves photographs of her children. (ok, I certainly do! – hint hint!)

So this list might have first been thought of for Christmas, but these are great ideas for Mom – for any occasion! I would also add our clothes, and accessories. Of course, teaching your mother how to save and defend her life is “priceless”. Our clothes will have Mom in style whether she carries a firearm or pepper spray, she’ll never be a victim.

101 Gift Giving Ideas for Mom

I’m guessing these past few weeks have really made you more aware of how you can best protect your family Take comfort in that you’re not alone. If you one of the many new gun owners since this virus invaded us, you appreciate the 2nd Amendment more and the sense of empowerment this new found skill gives you. Now that you’ve realized that you are the “First Responder” to your situation, I urge you to keep up with the practice and the training.

I’m a founding member of The Women’s Concealed Carry Alliance; all things women and concealed carry.   In today’s world, women desire options for everyday concealed carry.  To meet the need, these entrepreneurial women have stepped up to solve the need for real options.  That’s where the WCCA comes in, to provide one reliable source to find all those carry options, and meet the women behind the designs.  About WCCA

Here’s a graphic of other valuable resources to check out.

If this isn’t you, I urge you to think about this reality and to empower others. Learning to drive a car at 16, gave you a great sense of freedom, independence and empowerment. Being able to defend your life can give you so much more. There are a lot of options from guns / firearms to pepper spray, stun gun, striking tools and more.

Damsel in Defense products for non-lethal self defense. Independent Pro28393

This Mother’s Day, honor MOM by teaching her situational awareness and the ability to defend her life. After all, you wouldn’t be here without Mom.

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