Some criminals are invisible
What happens during this time of a “New Normal” … and well, crime? Due to “social distancing”, curfews and self quarantines, what does our day to day life look like in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic and how to avoid becoming a victim.
Are you noticing a Fear of lawlessness… This is why many are becoming first time gun owners.
I’m sure you’ve been inundated with constant updates about the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

We are living in uncertain times. For many the reality of  trying to keep our families and homes safe from any looters, break ins, violence or chaos may be more daunting than the fear of the virus. As our daily life structure seems to change everyday, I believe the concern over Martial Law is top of mind more now than ever in our lifetime!

People are scared and this is a wake up call for many about just how “prepared” do you need to be?
So, what can we do to become prepared and staying safe?As a member of the concealed carry parliament, first I recommend that keep calm and keep our eyes open – be observant and watchful.

Remember that “panic” behavior is very contagious! Did you buy toilet paper because there seemed to be a run on it?… me too 🙂

And with “panic” behavior, you’re going to see more of a survival of the fittest play out all around you if you haven’t already… This may be a mix of FOMO (fear of missing out) or instinct. Whatever it is, this is translating to large number of gun sales, waiting lines, and a shortage of ammo.

Why? Many people are waking up to the fear that our government won’t, isn’t , or can’t protect you. Are you concerned with how to defend your family?

The silver lining in this scenario, eyes are being opened for the first time and perhaps your friends philosophy about gun control are changing. This epidemic is opening eyes to the power, freedom and importance of our Second Amendment and why it’s so very important to protect it.
Get and stay involved with your local elections. Let’s use this opportunity for protecting ourselves, growing number of gun owners; NOT Reducing our Rights.

Do you have a plan? A plan in case of home a invasion? Do the kids know what to do, where to go (hide) until there is a “safe word”? What about a flashlight, cell phone, self defense tool? Do you need a bug out / bug in bag?

… And, what about your finances? Check out this information on preparing your finances for emergencies.

Are you seeing a spike in crime in your area? In my area via Nextdoor Neighbor app, groceries being stolen off of front porches, and Amazon packages. There are shortages of grocery stores, medical supplies, gun ranges being broken into. Cities are going on lock down. Things are serious and you need to take what action you can to stay safe and protect your family.

Here’s some survival skills information, and with kids being home now it’s important to make sure they know Eddie Eagle (children’s gun safety). It”s our hope during this time, you are able to connect with your child in a new way or better than before. We are all so very busy and it’s challenging to balance all of life’s obstacles.

As a Damsel in Defense independent Pro, we have a series of Safe Hearts books that help you talk to your kids about their “personal space”. These story books helps in communicating with your children so they understand what ‘looks’ one way, may feel very differently internally. The perpetrator isn’t a stranger anymore, but is typically someone the child knows. Did you realize 70% of sexual assaults occur before the age of 17?

Damsel in Defense – Children’s Book Series

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