Spring fling 2020  3/9/20

I don’t know where you live but for us here in Georgia, this winter was not typical. That makes me happy and I’m not complaining about this year’s cold weather. Spring / Summer makes a happy place for me 🙂

I know for me and I bet you as well, warmer weather can be more of a dressing dilemma when it comes to concealed carry. Besides dealing with the heat, Lighter weight fabrics and less layers are big culprits to this dilemma.

So, are you are excited about spring or dreading it? We’re giving you some of the ideal colors to shop for this spring / summer season to have you looking you’re best and some tips to stay cool while carrying.

Here’s a verbal explanation of what this spring’s color palette is about – “Displaying an element of natural sophistication and versatility, this season’s core hues serve as singular color statements or as a foundation for playful color contrasts”.

My interpretation is more solid colors (or small prints) and adding a punch of color accents.

Look for these colors to be blooming this Spring

One bold pop of color this spring is called ‘Flamed Scarlet’ and is a bit of an orange-red color. We feel you’ll be right in style with our red Lion+Lamb. We use a soft, stretch knit with 3/4 sleeves, which is perfect length to cover part of your arms but not too hot. Look to pair and contrast this Flamed Scarlet with blues to greens and yellow colors.

The coral pink in our floral Lion tank is right on que for a warm, welcoming embrace to warmer weather and the soft yellow background invites complete happiness 😊 of the upcoming season. Our “Lion” tank top is a lightweight fabric and layered with a cotton button up shirt. Wear it either with a few bottom buttons buttoned or tie up the ends to create fullness around your firearm. Of course, when the temperatures rise, roll up the sleeves. I love this look with cropped khaki pants. Stay cool with cotton or linen fabrics.

Floral Lion tank top, special opening for firearm, holsters, pink, peach, green, spring

You’ll see plenty of coral and Biscay green elements very soon if not already. These colors are especially pleasant together.

Fashion Week

Deep Navy and white are pretty universal color staples and are going to be more front and center this spring season. It’s a classic. You will see a come back of the suit look and more blazers, although they’ll be boxy than tailored styling. This is a nice look for the office, teachers, churches and working professionals who carry concealed firearms for personal safety. Look for linen jackets, chambray and cottons that speak of spring. Easter will be upon us soon.

 This silvery gray color with a touch of taupe, is timeless and expresses strength and matches the feeling and message of our gray Lion + Lamb, the original crossover concealment top. Don’t be fooled by the others. Because of LION + LAMB is two pieces, you can use a white shirt holster or our 505 Tank Top Holster and carry under the arm with the LAMB outer wrap. Another way to be totally chic and armed.

Spring Neutrals for 2020

Of course, whatever color is your favorite, it’s sure to go perfectly with your firearm! So wear what makes you happy. Remember to stay away from tight fitting and clingy tops.

We want you to feel confident in what you wear and help you ease your morning routine by providing clothing that you’ll look and feel great in and know you can be armed. Our garments give your wardrobe staples without the worry of your firearm printing through your clothing.

Our garments are Made in America and are lightweight fabrics. Remember ,the use of prints, stripes, and floral works well in disguising your firearm. Look for added features like knots and pleats to help minimize printing of your firearm. We have several flowy tunic tops with details that will give you confidence of keeping your firearm undercover.

Be armed, be fashionable and be Incognito! Now, Hello Spring!


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