Learn from my mistakes #122

Printing 101? What does it mean “to print”?  If you’re new to concealed carry or shooting, this may be a new term to you.

It’s not about graphics or marketing; rather, it’s about a lack of print. When you concealed carry you do not want to print.

The whole idea behind concealing a firearm has many facets.  You may NOT want to be singled out or become a target.

The topic alone or word “firearm” can bring a hurricane of opinions. That’s why the concept of printing – making sure the firearm silhouette isn’t visible to others – is so important. This one concern alone can cause so much fear it can paralyze you in your concealed carry journey.

I get that it’s scary – terrifying, in fact, to consider walking around with a loaded firearm on your body and more so if you have small children who want mommy to pick them up and hold them.

We understand a firearm can be a deadly weapon and why firearm safety is so strongly enforced. There are two main ideas to focus on with concealed carrying. One, finger discipline (keeping your finger off the trigger). Second, muzzle control/direction (never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy).

This reason alone, is why you don’t want to constantly fiddle with your set up – your rig, holster, gun, belt, or tug at your shirt or clothing. But, let’s face it, we’ve all done it. This act of tugging on your top, adjusting your holster or gun position can bring attention that you don’t want.

Knowing how to dress around this life saving tool is a journey of its own. Concealed carry does change your wardrobe, so, yes, it’s possible you have a closet with nothing to wear.

But don’t despair! Incognito Wear IX has your back! Our clothing will remove the stress of trying to find something to wear so you can be armed and incognito.

After the decision to carry on your body, you’ll need to determine what position is most comfortable for you. Everyone is different. I’m barely over 5 feet tall with an average build.  I like to appendix carry. This is the easiest way for me to conceal my firearm. And, as a woman, my weight fluctuates so sometimes I prefer my right/strong side and sometimes my left/weak side.

Carrying on my side, at a three o’clock position (or strong side) makes me look wider and shows the gun frame more. This isn’t comfortable for me or my hips .

I don’t endorse the small of the back carry for several reasons. One, it’s a bit of a reach and a little harder to get to quickly. Second, I saw the following first-hand during a training class. Mr. Sketchy Bad-Guy gives you a push you weren’t expecting, you lose your balance and fall. There you are, the gun stuck between your back and the ground. Landing on a firearm and your spine only needs to happen one time, and you’ll always remember the experience.

I haven’t tried the flash bang holster which allows a woman to carry beneath her breast. The holster attaches to your bra, which might work well if you happen to be “blessed”. I’ve heard stories of discharges when drawing (which is more of a yank down out of the holster).

This would be my least desired position to carry. I know some women love this but it’s just not for me. And that’s ok! We all have different tastes and different bodies.

Finding out what works for you and your body is what’s important. We want to make this part of your morning routine, part of getting dressed, with your firearm added as your last accessory.

Now you look great and are ready to face the day and defend your life!

Great job!

If you don’t think you’re quite there, begin carrying your unloaded firearm around your home. Ask someone you trust if they can tell whether you’re carrying your pistol. The more you do this, the more you will build your confidence and become accustomed to how your holster feels.

The last point I’d like to leave you with is to just try it and begin the process.

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