WHAT ?! It’s expired?! Do you need to renew your concealed carry license or perhaps even a driver’s license? Let me make a suggestion, Don’t wait till the last minute! (We’ll outline the process if you’re applying for your first CCWP (Concealed Carry Weapons Permit).

Do you know when your license expires? Any license for that matter, whether it’s your drivers’ license, concealed carry weapons permit, fishing and hunting, or maybe even a membership to your favorite destination.

Licenses take time for processing.

I have noticed for one, that the older I become, the faster the years go by. In fact, it’s nearly the second month of a new decade – Already!

I remember thinking 2020 is SO FAR AWAY. Well, honey, it’s here now. What that mean means for me is renewing my drivers license and concealed carry permit. We all get busy and life happens. It’s easy to get de-railed and sidetracked with those well-meaning items on your To-Do List.

These, however, are definitely two items you don’t want to wait till the last minute to renew.

Here, in Georgia for my driver’s license renewal requires getting a list of supporting documents together BEFORE going to the DDS (Dept. of Driver Services, formerly known as the DMV -Dept. of Motor Vehicles). These items MUST be presented in order to renew your license. You need one of the documents for each of category:  

  1. To show WHO you are: Certified US birth certificate; valid US Passport; or Certificate of Naturalization
  2. SSN: Social Security card; W-2 form; Paystub with last 4 (SSN)
  3. To show WHERE you live: Utility bill; band statement; Lease/Mortgage statement

In Georgia, you can get a driver license for a period of ten years, it’s might slip your mind when it is actually time to renew.

In my opinion, equally as important (as driver’s license) is your concealed carry license. Some might argue that it is more important than being able to drive. Your life is worth fighting for and saving.

In Georgia, my concealed carry weapons permit (as it’s called) is valid for a period of five years.

There many names for a permit to conceal a firearm as well as abbreviations. Some of the most common ones are below; although you may see any variety or configuration of these words.

CCW = Carrying a Concealed Weapon            CC = Concealed Carry

CWP = concealed weapons permit                 CCP = Concealed Carry Permit

CWL = Concealed Weapons License               CFP = Concealed Firearms Permit
CPL = Concealed Pistol License                        CHL = Concealed Handgun License

The guidelines are a bit different for everyone, depending on where you live, but here’s some of the basics. Generally, the process is the same for renewing as it is for applying for your first concealed carry license. First off, the obvious – you must be of age, not a felon, domicile in the county of the facility (you can’t go to one county’s probate court when you live in another). Many facilities require cash only, so call your local (County probate) court and they’ll be happy to let you know what’s required.

So, we’ve established meet the guidelines to enact your Second Amendment right to bear arms.

  1. File your application at a county probate court*. Some states require you compete a training class (some sort of a basic handgun safety class)prior to your application and you will need proof of completion to show the courts. Your probate court will list the acceptable documents, if required. Expect to pay an application fee. Once you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll get a Law Enforcement Affidavit which you will need to take to the police department.
  2. If this is a new application for concealed carry, you will be fingerprinted. This is for the background check. If you’re renewing your license, they will electronically conduct a background check of your name via NCIC system. If fingerprints are taken, yes, you pay for that service.
  3. Now you wait…. And wait. There is a timeline guideline, but in my county it’s questionable if they are successful. So, if you’re inside of two months of your expiration date, I’d suggest requesting a temporary license. I don’t trust the government to get issue my license in time and don’t want to be with a means to protect my life, or others.
  4. Once everything is completed, typically around six weeks, you’ll receive your concealed carry license. You can either pick up your CCW license at the courthouse or they can mail it to you. Some facilities request a self-addressed stamp envelope to do this. *if your county requires a SASE, leave it at probate court with your application.

Now you know what to expect, don’t forget to take your (valid) photo ID.

Welcome to the concealed carry parliament! (Incognito Wear IX animal totem is an owl; a group of owls is called a parliament).

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Remember to train and practice. Practice builds confidence and muscle memory. If you ever need to use your firearm, you want your body to know what to do. See our past blog where we list some women only resources.