Black Friday shopping marked with bomb threats, shooting incident, multiple stabbings

Would you ever expect this to happen on the busiest shopping day of the year?

You may have heard about these stories, all or some of them, and they are tragic, but could it have been prevented?

Black Friday has been a family tradition for years! For us, Thanksgiving is more about making a Christmas shopping list than about the turkey! Excitement builds as sisters strategize about who’s going in which direction (of town) and to which stores. We’ve divided up to concur the best deals and the most savings. So much anticipation about the best shopping day of the year!

Until something like this happens…. and it can happen anywhere!

Amidst crowds of shoppers…

Out of nowhere, in the midst of the crowd comes a scream, people running everywhere, pure PANIC! A knife attack, threat with a bomb or shots fired.

It’s scary! Absolutely frightening! and it’s the last thing you thought would EVER happen to you or around you. So, it begs the question, would this be as scary IF you had a way to protect yourself and loved ones? A way for you to fight back. Even though, the thought of having a loaded weapon on your body may be somewhat scary in itself, or what if you had pepper spray, a personal alarm, your own knife, a taser or stun gun? How would you feel about being in that situation now?

Others are uncontrollable. The who, where and how is what the advantage the criminal has, but neither is the criminal thinking that there may be a ‘fight’ reaction to his harmful plan of attack.

Such is the lifestyle for self reliance, being your own defender and first responder. Becoming familiar with devices for self protection, whether it be non lethal (Damsel in Defense offers many types of self defense tools and can be ordered through my Damsel Pro page) or lethal, there’s something for anyone willing to invest in themselves. We all just have to start the journey to save our lives.

Unfortunately, crime seems to lurk ‘just around the corner’. Don’t be a victim, become situational aware and remove the likelihood of being the opportunity a thief would be looking for.

If you’re interested in learning about firearms for self defense, there are several women organization to look into: A girl and A Gun or The Well Armed Woman, as well as checking with your local range. Some local police departments sponsor self defense classes free of charge.

Stay safe, armed and incognito!

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