Learn from my mistakes #113 – why you should be aware of your surroundings… and carry on body.


This may seem like a Halloween nightmare! But it’s real; and it happens just that Quick!

I give this woman kudos for her alertness and seeing the men, giving her time to back up but she wasn’t prepared. What could or should she have done? What would you do in this situation?

We have awareness months for so many good causes. For example, October is Brest Cancer Awareness Month, but we fail to make every month Situational Awareness Month in our own lives. By being aware of your surroundings you are scarring the attacker away! You are not going to be an easy victim.

Additionally, imagine how this scenario could have turned out if these simple procedures were enacted.

One, carrying a loaded firearm or other self-defense tool. Two, LOCK your vehicle doors and keep your keys in your pocket or hands.

Here’s the deal: “The attackers choose the who, when, where and the how of the attack. The defender never knows when (and seldom if) they are going to be targeted”. (from ParatusPlease).

Please develop a habit to ALWAYS LOCK your car doors. Lock them when you exit the vehicle, specially at gas stations. Lock them if you’re ‘just going to be a second’. A second is all it takes -for someone to steal your vehicle, your purse, or more.

Better yet, learn to protect yourself. A second can change your life. You will be your own first responder. Listen to that little voice that’s warning you! Don’t succumb to a false sense of “politeness” or fail to act due to some self imposed “embarrassment” if you do ___ or act this way that someone may think…x,y,x. It’s time to take this seriously. Your life may literally depend on it. Besides, if your gut is right won’t you be glad you listened and acted reasonable. Awareness is a deterrent.

photo: preppersillustrated.com

Being aware lets you think through your options of response. Do you fight? Do you de-escalate? Do you speak and / or make eye contact? Do you have a weapon to fight back? Either non-lethal or lethal.

Having a plan in advance is critical. Thinking rationally in the midst of being attacked is not likely. You can only go where your mind has already been.

There are lots of non-lethal options to choose from if you’re not ready for a firearm. Begin by putting some layers in place. Living a lifestyle of safety may mean changing your wardrobe as you make this shift in your daily routine and develop new habits.

 It’s all a process; slow and steady. Small changes can be huge.

Just remember the saying by Clint Smith who said it best, “Carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable, it is supposed to be comforting.“Yes, it may be heavy, bulky, a little scary, uncomfortable-at times, and a wee bit challenging.

I know first-hand the challenges in dressing around a firearm. I had a closet full of “Nothing to wear” clothes. Nothing that wouldn’t print the image of my gun. That’s one reason I started designing clothing because we carry too! Most concealed carry options are designed for men. Tight or fitted clothing is not a good choice when you want to concealed carry.

See danger before it gets you!

The idea of course is to see danger before it sees you! Criminals are looking for easy targets. That means the victim never sees the danger coming until it’s too late! We don’t want you to be that person.

Start today with making a single small change. Start noticing people around you – you might actually be surprised at how many are completely unaware (they’ll be the ones with their face down & on their phones) – but not you! You are starting a new safety habit 😊.

I’ve started making this a game. After speaking with someone and you are no longer in their presence, try to recap what they are wearing. Could you give a detailed description on the individual for a rendering? You can even do this with people passing you on the street. The focus is to actually LOOK at people.