Trick or Treat?

Learn from my mistakes #112  – Your kids are more risk than you think!

Happy Fall Y’all! I know many of you are ready for cooler weather – me too! It’s been a hot summer and I’m beginning to see signs of Fall- Yeah! What does this mean for you and keeping your kids safe?

Daylight hours are fading and Halloween decorations are showing up everywhere! If you have young kids, this is an exciting time.

BUT- there’s a spooky side ….

Are you talking to them about staying safe? Specially, about a different kind of ‘stranger danger’. It’s likely, your family will be in some crowded area this fall enjoying fall festivals, going to corn mazes, bon fires, camping and of course a night of “Trick or Treating”.

How aware are you?… really aware of who may be among the crowds looking at your kids?

Let’s begin thinking in layers and being aware of our surroundings. Most of these events are in large crowds, lots of people, young and old. Should you need to defend yourself, considering that more people are beyond your target, And, since one of our RULES OF GUN SAFETY this many not be this best plan or first line of defense. Not to mention, this action could make for a legal nightmare.

Legal Protection

But I digress…. (USCCA Defense shield insurance).

Given that (drawing a firearm) isn’t a great first choice, have you empowered your children to also be a part of their own self-defense? There are some great options in the way of non-lethal tools available on our site, like TackiKey or pepper spray or even better Protected Pepper with Shield Technology, that alerts five close contacts that you have deployed the pepper spray. This is from Damsel in Defense, for which I am a consultant.

There’s another type of threat that we don’t commonly think about and it’s not a pleasant thought either. The thought there are predators seeking to steal our children and maybe in a position of authority (with our kids). Primarily, child pornography and sex trafficking.

How do you talk to kinds about these unpleasant topics? We’ve got an answer! There’s a book series, Safe Hearts from Damsel in Defense, to help explain on a kid’s level what’s not ‘normal’ behavior from an adult. We should be aware and also teach our children to listen and respect that small inner voice and what to do if they ever find themselves in such a predicament.

From Damsel in Defense Safe Hearts series

I know first-hand, that this type of thing can happen at any age, even at college- male or female. It’s important to teach ‘em while they’re young! I’m grateful my son sensed something wasn’t right and listened to that voice – trusted his instinct. I admit these sort of topics weren’t widely discussed nor did they have the news coverage when my children were young, nor was I living a lifestyle of safety then. Again the statement rings true; Knowledge is Power

Enlarge your circle of empowerment by teaching your kids, who will tell their friends and share correct knowledge and what to do if they ever experience such a situation. It’s unfortunate that this is reality. Better to be prepared, as best as possible.

This Halloween, prepare your safety in layers.

Watching your six,

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