Are you afraid of sounding … well, let’s say “uneducated” when it comes to talking about firearms? Mag or clip? Bullet or cartridge?

If you are new to the shooting industry it can be a little overwhelming understanding the correct lingo.

If you’re like me, I didn’t want to use improper terms and sound uneducated. After all education is a part of being safe around firearms.

So, which terminology is correct – Concealed carry or conceal carry? Mag or clip?

Wikipedia defines the term in the past tense since of the act of concealment has already been completed. :

“Concealed carry (carrying a concealed weapon (CCW)) refers to the practice of carrying a handgun or other weapon in public in a concealed or hidden manner, either on one’s person or in close proximity. While most law enforcement officers carry their handguns in a visible holster, some officers, such as plainclothes detectives or undercover agents, carry weapons in concealed holsters. In some countries and jurisdictions, civilians are legally required to obtain a concealed carry permit in order to possess a firearm. In others, a permit is only required if the firearm is not visible to the eye, such as carrying said weapon in one’s purse, bag, trunk, etc. The opposite of concealed carry is called open carry.”

Magazine or clip? Bullet or cartridge?

” A cartridge is the proper name for a complete round of ammunition. Round is another term that is accurate and acceptable. A round or cartridge is made of several different components put together.” The bullet is the pointed or rounded top end, the projectile, that is forced out of the barrel due to the explosion (from gunpowder) when shooting. Check out a few others terms from GunBacker.

One more common term that gets misused is – Automatic or semi- automatic. In these days of the anti-gunners, it seems if it sounds scary then that is the word for the narrative.

A true Automatic firearm is found only on a battlefield (military purpose). Civilians are only allowed to own and possess semi automatic; meaning you must physically move the trigger each time in order to shoot a round (down range). Read more from Gun Trader.

Another confusing term to many is single action or double action. It is what it says it is. If your firearm is a Single -Action, when you pull the trigger, it does ONLY one action – drops the hammer. Likewise, a Double-Action firearm, does two functions. It will cock the hammer and drops the hammer, thus allowing the shot and the bullet flying down range.

Here’s to helping you better understand of some of technical lingo of becoming a responsibly armed shooter.

We’re keeping you incognito while being armed.