Wow! What a week in Pittsburgh.

Thank you to all the folks who came out to the David L Lawrence Center for the annual chttps://www.usccaexpo.com/oncealed carry expo event by USCCA.

We met so many people who are part of this Parliament – concealed carry lifestyle, self and home defense. There were lots of great training seminars by top instructors from across the country!

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Learn from my mistakes – test technology first.

If you made a purchase from us, Thank you! Unfortunately, we had some technical issues regarding our POS/Square system whereby credit cards weren’t charged. NO DATA BREACH, but you didn’t get charged for your purchase. Square is reaching out to many of you and we want you to know this is legit. Please contact Jan at jan@IncognitoWearIX.com.

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We’re taking PRE-ORDERS for our 505 Mix & Match Tank Top Holster. It’s a great addition to the Lion + Lamb set to double your outfits! Tell us your favorite colors by commenting below or email us.

505 Tank top holster color options. Pick your favorite 2

We want to make carrying on body easy and keep you feeling like a woman! Remember to practice and train with your firearm and drawing from concealment often.

Till we meet again, be safe and don’t let fashion keep you from carrying on body. Never be a victim because of style.

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