Breaking all the fashion rules!

Now that we’re getting into warmer weather and less layers, you may find concealed carry a bit more challenging now.

One option is moving to a smaller pistol that’s easier to hide.

If that option’s not for you, your still in luck! As luck would have it, great features like ruffles and use of asymmetrical lines (or hems) work to minimize printing of the firearm. With these features now in style, you can buy clothes that FIT YOU and not oversized JUST to conceal that gun.

Since we’re talking about summer weather, look for cotton fabrics, such as seersucker, and linen that will help to keep you cool due to their lighter weight and breath-ability.

We offer several concealed carry dresses (in cotton) that will help to beat that summertime heat while carrying. We’ve designed our dresses for carrying at one’s waist which is the most ideal location. Because of this, we suggest use of a bellyband holster with our dresses.

Many women find that a thigh holster is useful for wearing with Sundresses. A lot of ladies like wearing dresses specially during summer months because they are cooler when the temperatures soar.

It’s important thing to practice your draw when you carry. When carrying in a dress, remember it’s going to take two hands and a big grab of fabric to lift your skirt to be able to get to your gun, if it’s needed. You may want to consider a taser or pepper spray as another alternative for self defense.

If you’re not the dress wearing type, but more of “separates” dresser; select tops that are loose-fitting. A summertime bonus is it’ll help keep you cool when a nice breeze blows by :).

For me, any time is color time- it makes me happy.

If you’re not a fan of color or patterns, try to keep in mind this will assist (you) in camouflaging your weapon and that’s got to make you happy!

Below, I pair brown slacks with a 2 piece top Salmon top made specifically for concealed carry. Even though most would consider Brown to be more of a winter color, but this isn’t a dark chocolate brown but a muted brown and the fabric is lightweight cotton. Nude sandals keep it summery fresh.

Bright colorful tops with darker bottoms work if a lightweight fabric such as this.

Confidence starts on the inside, so make that decision that you look fabulous in colors!

A pair of white pants are a summer favorite for many. White is perfect with anything, even a white top, for a classic monochromatic look. Mix in a splash of sunshine with a colorful scarf or brightly colored accessories.

White denim is one of my favorite summertime go to.

Do you practically live in jeans? This raw edge (or hem) is popping up like flowers. Look for jeans with some stretch for added comfort. A few rips and some fringe gives a distressed, well worn appearance. Espadrille, flat sandals complement this look for date night or the office, while sneakers keep it more casual.

distressed look & cas

Of course, you can’t go wrong with black & white. Make it pop for Spring with colorful accessories. We have a new Tank that blends these two worlds. It’s black & white Striated texture is a master of disguise! It’s perfect to wear under any button down blouse.

Preview of 505 Tank in the making

This top’s unique opening makes it a MUST HAVE for the world traveler to keep those pesky pick-pocketers away! Look for our 505 Tank Top holster (sizes XS- XL) at the USCCA Concealed Carry Expo in a few weeks. Available for pre ordering now.

While, there aren’t any rules for fashion, what does matter is your confidence and having the good proportions for that perfect #OOTD (outfit of the day).

Incognito Wear IX knows that warmer months can be challenging to concealed carry. You don’t have to buy larger size clothes to hide your pistol, you can still find some ways to stay stylish, fashionable and feminine.

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, we found a link that might help with some last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

However, the best Mother’s Day gift is teaching Mom how to protect herself. Sign Mom up for a firearm safety class and a trip to the range with you!


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!