The wonderful thing about learning to shoot or beginning to concealed carry, is that you are not alone!

Welcome to the group! So glad you’re here!

I have found that those who shoot are excited, willing, and wanting to help you. Some may try to catch your eye just hoping you will ask a question so they can help. Why? They love it and want to share the joy and empowerment with others.

It’s a gun. It can be a scary thing – after all, most people see it as a weapon. It’s a tool to defend yourself or to provide a meal. It can also be a tool that brings people together!

A big shout out to those who have overcome a great tragedy and have made the decision to learn how to shoot and become a responsible gun owner. I’m sure for many who’ve had to experience a life changing event, having a group of supports, sharing within a group who understood what you went through was instrumental with recovery.

I feel like gun owners are such a group. Whether your beginning that journey or not, there is a social part that to enjoy with other shooters. We have this common ground; much like team sports. Yes, there’s competition, but there is an incredible camaraderie wanting to help others improve.

There’s joy in hitting the bullseye the first time. That needs a High – Five from someone!

Whether by luck or skill, hitting the bullseye is exciting

The opportunity to try someone’s firearm that the range doesn’t rent. Sharing that little “trick or tricks of the trade” that others have spent years solving.

Here’s a Tip:

  1. As women, we may have issues with weak hands. Perhaps, we have difficulty racking a slide. One woman shared with me how to push the firearm away with my strong hand and pull the slide toward me with my weak hand. Amazing!
  2. If you can’t lock the slide back, insert an empty magazine, and dry fire or rack. The firearm will automatically lock back and open. There’s no need to struggle in silence. We’ve all been there!

A few weeks ago, The Well-Armed Woman shooting chapters of Georgia got together for a time of fellowship, learning new skills, and for some, being exposed to new things like Project Johnny Appleseed.

Project Johnny Appleseed

No matter where you are, consider yourself part of a bigger group of shooters.

If you’re intimidated to go to the range by yourself, check to see if there’s a lady’s group – TWAW or AGAG (A Girl and A Gun) women’s group to join. The more the merrier! Learn from my mistake, it’s more fun with friends!

Learn from my mistake, it’s more fun with friends!

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