Howdy Partner!

Howdy! How do you greet someone? What kind of handshake do you present?

This week on “Learn from my Mistake” – #98, we’re talking GRIPS and “getting to know” your pistol. It occurred to me that even though some of you may have been shooting for quite some time, we may have bad habits that need some attention.

One common bad habit is your grip.

It may not be a surprise to even spot a poor grip at the range. When getting a grip (on your firearm), think like you would be introducing yourself to someone. You wouldn’t want to give a loose handshake; typically know as a dead fish handshake.

strong, weak, handshake, grip

handshake indicates a reserved or a passive personality or an indifference, making it seem as though the person has no bones

Don’t be afraid of the gun.

You can’t over grip or crush the firearm. You want a good firm grip so you don’t drop the firearm once you pull the trigger but also, the firearm needs a firm & rigid support so it can eject the casing and reload; recycle itself, after the shot.

So, grip the firearm with the type of handshake that says I’m confident, strong, and in control. I mean business.

Isn’t that how you’d like to think of your relationship with a lifesaving tool?

With your strong, dominate hand, you want to place the web, the space between your thumb & index finger, of your hand (some call it a “V”) as high as you can on the back (back strap or grip) of the firearm. If it’s a single or double action, there is typically a indentation for the web of your hand that will keep it from going above and getting in the way of the slide.

With the trigger guard resting comfortably on your middle finger, wrap remaining fingers around the grip of the gun. On a revolver, you want your hand as high as possible but out of the way of the hammer.

The placement of your grip high on the firearm helps control the recoil each time the gun is fired.

After all, you mean business, right? Whether you’re putting rounds down range or defending your home, you’re a boss! You can do this! We’re not having tea and cookies. We’re practicing, training to save lives. So, no dainty “teacup” grips.

Tea cup style grip – weak hand is under the butt of firearm offering No support

We don’t need to be delicate with your firearm. We want a good high grip -strong like a handshake. Grip high, but stay under the slide! We don’t want any Biting!

Be mindful of the slide moving over the back of your hand as it cycles another round. If your hand is in the way, you will know it quickly and it could put an end to your time on the range.

Safety is so important when handling firearms, but we must also be safe when gripping & picking up guns.

Your index finger is a POINTER FINGER FIRST – then a “Trigger finger”.

So, make sure it POINTS when you grab any firearm. Keep that finger straight along the side of the frame of the firearm.

Now let’s get the other (weak) hand involved. Now, that we have the firmness of the grip out of the way, what do you do with the weak (supporting) hand?

Again, thinking of a handshake, wrap your weak hand fingers around the grip and over top of your strong hand fingers, your thumbs should be in line with each other along the frame of the firearm.

When shooting, especially for ladies, you want to have about 40% squeeze (strength and control) with your strong hand, thus allowing Mr. Trigger Finger to move smoothly and independent of the hand; and about 60% squeeze, control and firm grip with your weak hand.

For men, 30/70 percent of strong to weak hand is more ideal.

Of course, everyone is different. Some may have hand strength issues, arthritis or other physical issue that limit or alter one’s grip. However, the main objection is to safely and accurately place hits on the target.

Get a grip on Safe shooting!

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