Incognito Wear IX is the pioneer in changing how women carry a concealed weapon discreetly.
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Trinity Top


Short sleeved asymmetrical top is generous in length so there’s no accidental exposure of a firearm. This top gives you the confidence to transition from purse to person. On body carry is best and with this stylish top you can quickly access your firearm with one hand allowing the free hand to direct and move loved ones to safety.

Creatively designed to minimize printing so you can be armed, gun chic, and incognito.

* Proudly Made in America

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NEW – improved design!! You’ll want to get your patriotic street-wear concealment shirt before they’re gone! A great patriotic design is ideal for those living self-reliant and exercising their Second Amendment right. Three layers at bottom of asymmetrical hemline

You already loved the Trinity Top! You’ll love this one even more!

NEW Patriotic print celebrating our love for the USA in Red, White & Blue. If you love guns, interested in concealed carry, this is your perfect top! Three ruffled layers are designed for those who support the Second Amendment because it won’t show your firearm when you carry.

Pullover short sleeve flowy top with asymmetrical hem lets easily get underneath for material to safely draw your firearm if ever needed. The hemline provides for advanced gripping of the firearm while being extremely discreet. It’s possible to even draw ONE-HANDED.

This savvy streetwear print is exclusive to Incognito Wear IX. It beautifully conceals your firearm!

You’ll feel an extra boost of confidence knowing that you CAN carry on the body, nobody could tell and you’ll be stylish!

Show your American pride (and exercise your Second Amendment right to be armed, fashionable, and Incognito).

Made in U.S.A.

*Design copyright  2016/2022

*Holster not included. Ambidextrous access.

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Additional information

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Dimensions 12 × 16 × 1 in

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